Live by The Sword

Session 2 - On To Neverwinter

Here are the notes I took during our session:

meals and rations consumed:

battle with stirges:
from tree
1000 or so coins
good condition bag with:
fancy sling (painted)
10 gems of various sizes

fancy sling (little nicer than the one i have)
gave my sling to caowalund

things to help us across the neverwinter wood at the tower of twilight
held by lord malkor a mage

split 500GP between 6 of us
67 gold each.
- 15gp each for henchment for caodwalund
(promised 50 gp more each if we fight and they live)
- 6gp for henchmen from rickon for caodwalunds henchmen

given riding horses for each of us
saddle, bit, bridle

18 gibberlings(?) slain
10 diff potion bottles on them

Session 2…


Not Gibbderlings, These were a plant man called Night Shades

Session 2 - On To Neverwinter

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