Live by The Sword

Waterdeep and Beyond

Starting out

Our Party arrives in Waterdeep and Meets with Lord Khelbun Arunsun and makes a deal for them to make a delivery to Neverwinter. At the lodgings provided them by Khelbun . they were attacked by some acolytes of Thay. After gathering provisions, our crew heads out of Waterdeep and are confronted by a group of bumbling orcs, Our heroes were victorious. But now whats next, they still have a long journey ahead of themUc2892 tilt small*

*Since we cant use the forum , i will post Battles information here
4 thayan acolytes looted for 5sp 5cp and 1gp each

Orcs on highroad 15 found 10 rough stones of quality each orc was carrying personal money of 5pp, 10cp,12,sp plus found a bolo of 8 bottles on the leader*

First Game


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Waterdeep and Beyond

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Waterdeep and Beyond

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