Malchor Harpell

Mage at the Tower of Twilight


Malchor harpell


Malchor Harpell
Game Data: NG hm W20; INT 18.
Description: Looking upon Malchor Harpell, one sees a
man of many talents with the potential to be nearly any-thing he put his mind to. He does not dress as a typical
mage, but in expertly tailored commoners’ clothes.
Physically fit and tall, Malchor wears his dark brown
hair short and keeps his beard neatly trimmed and close
to his face. Malchor is a man whose passions are knowl-edge and learning; he is also an artist and painter, look-ing at his magecraft and art as extensions of the same
creative forces.
Notes: Malchor was a charter member of the Company of
Crazed Venturers, with whom he had a long and active
(more than any other Company member) career. Upon
the Company’s dissolution, Malchor stayed with Khel-ben Arunsun in Waterdeep, and willingly served him as
an assistant, including taking part in adventures on
other planes, and aiding in Harper-related plans. Mal-chor did this to gain the experience he believed neces-sary for self-sufficiency in the sometimes-dangerous
After years at Khelben’s side, Malchor left to return to
his native Longsaddle and build his own tower, the
Tower of Twilight (it rests half a day’s ride west of
Longsaddle, on the edge of the Neverwinter Woods).
He has been in semiretirement there for over 20 years,
studying and furthering his powers, with the occasional
relaxation of training (for substantial fees) lesser magic
users, including Dagsumn. Malchor now rarely emerges
from his Tower of Twilight except to aid the Lords of
Waterdeep. Malchor has at least one guardian defending,
his tower; he has mastered the arts of creating stone
guardians, staves of the magi, wands of magic missiles, rings
of feather falling, and rings of warmth, and is now working
on potions and elixirs. Malchor’s travels taught him
many languages, and he is fluent in common, elvish,
djinni, and drow.
When adventuring or traveling (usually astride his
griffon), Malchor always wears a lurker cloak and a ring
of protection +3, and bears his staff of the magi. He is
also said to have one or more rings of warmth and
feather falling with him to trade for magic new to him,
or timely aid, as well as for his own use. He may tutor
lesser mages on rare occasions, but only if they seem
genuinely interested in knowledge for the sake of
learning, not power.
Malchor harpell

Malchor Harpell

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